A bit about me:

Having had an aversion to darkroom chemicals, I avoided photography for most of my life and was a bit envious of the really good images on the web and in galleries.

And then came digital photography. Immediately I saw that decent images could be made without inhaling those nasty darkroom toxins. I started playing around with digital photography about seven years ago and spent my free time learning about composition, light, shadows, and the critical elements of photos that people enjoy. It became apparent that image-making is an art and that the knowledge of editing tools can magically change a snapshot to a great shot. To that end I became a sponge, learning from the best photographers who have generously shared their knowledge with anyone who is willing to soak it in. Artists like Joe McNally, Scott Kelby, Peter Hurley, Kirk Pinto, etc., have been major influences in my craft. 

For you who have taken the time to view my site, thank you. I hope you enjoy the images here and will consider emailing or calling me for your future photography needs. Prices will vary by the type of images you require. Generic prices will be posted soon.

Thomas Barnett

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